Save Some Money

by AngryRobot

Being newlyweds will always cause the couple to learn more to change. They would be needed to adjust their lifestyle ways. Instead of focusing their life on just themselves, they would need to concern every decision they make with their partner.

They would need to do that to prevent fights. Because a healthy married relationship will have to be based on trust and compromise. The same budget principles you have used during the planning of the wedding, should be followed. For example, when you went with affordable wedding invitations, you saved over $200 for basically the same invites. Why spend more money if you can get the same quality invitations for the same price.

One of the things that couples will need to learn to compromise about is their spending lifestyle. There was even one research that says most couples fight because of money. One partner would want to spend more while the other wants to save money. No doubt there are times when a person should spend.

However there are times in a couple’s life that they should learn to save. This is especially the case for newlyweds who would want to prove themselves. If they want to show how independent they really are, they should learn to save money to pay their bills and still save money for future endeavors. Here are some suggestions to help save money.

1. Learn to be humble enough and accept the fact that you would now need to split meals in some ritzy restaurants. There are restaurants that serve big servings. Don’t be shy, instead of ordering two gigantic servings, just order one. Split the meal up. You can even save the meal for leftovers.

Aside from saving money, you will also slow down the process of you and your spouse’s waist line growth. Do however to still give the right amount of tip to the waiter, because the waiter is still serving two people. Unless you have no plans of eating there again.

2. Not all sales could save you money. They might be selling stuff that are old, bigger sized, wrong colors. The shirts might even have the buttons at the back instead of the front. You might think that you are saving money but you’ve just wasted them on items you’ll never use. Unless of course you plan on giving them to your in-laws as Christmas gifts.

3. Be wise about your credit cards. Try to only use one, be disciplined. Also pay them all on time as this prevents you paying off higher interest rates.

4. Alcohol is pretty expensive. Try to limit the drinking. Limiting drinking also helps your health and may help lessen quarrels from both sides.

5. Instead of buying lunches pack yourself some food. Don’t be embarrassed to bring a lunch box. It’s ok for them to laugh at you for the moment, but when you show them how much you saved, they’ll be the ones crying.